China University of Geosciences(CUG)

To satisfy the needs of large-scale economic construction of China, Beijing College of Geology was founded in 1952. It was formed by merging the Department of Geology of Beijing University, bHraKi0WV}&X!]
Professor Li Siguang, a well-known geologist and Minister of Ministry of Geology, made a speech at the opening ceremony of Beijing College of Geology in 1952Chairman Mao met Zhang Xi, the head of the Department of Culture and Student Union, and other students at the University of Qinzheng Palace at Zhongnanhai in the evening of February 14, 1957Geological Section of Department of Geosciences of Qinghua University, Geological Engineering Department of Tianjin University (former Beiyang University), and Mining Department of Tangshan Railway Institute. It was rated as one of the eight leading universities founded since the establishment of the People's Republic of China.:)|Dd(*_MD2[Y7C\$d
Airscape of Beijing College of Geology in 1952 Vice-Chairman LiuShaoqi kindly received the granduate representatives of Beijing College of Geology at Zhongnanhai on May 17,1957.He encouraged them to "be the guerrillas of the socialist construction,"and gave them a hunting gun as a gift In 1966 Beijing College of Geology suspended its enrollment due to the "Cultural Revolution." It was moved to Jiangling County, Hubei Province, in 1970 and was renamed Hubei College of Geology.k-em#@bycEz~{v
Hubei College of Geology (1970).Cg6E/}pg\_0{GUC5./,
As a result it had four campuses respectively in Hubei and Jiangxi Provinces and Beijing City (with the former campus). In 1975, the college was relocated in Wuhan City and renamed Wuhan College of;%G)R
Wuhan College of Geology (1975);^6+\V)&D[(U,he|*O{-
In 1986, the Chinese Government ratified the foundation of the Graduate School of Wuhan College of Geology. It was ranked as one of the first 33 Graduate Schools nationwide.^P^@+LGuRkun8}Amo
In 1987, with the approval of the State Education Commission, China University of Geosciences was founded as a result of the merger of Wuhan College of Geology and its Beijing-based Graduate School, the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Beijing College of Geological Management Cadre of Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources, and Wuhan College of Geological Management Cadre.F,IPTFxI!ibHraKi
China University of Geosciences was founded in Beijing and Wuhan one of doors of China University of Geosciences /W%:)|Dd(*_MD2
Vice-Premier Li Lanqing made an inspection of CUG in March 27,1994.He presented them with the following inscription,“Strive for a greater contribution for harmonious development between human and nature.”N~#fk-em#@bycEz~{vOt
In 1997, China University of Geosciences entered the"211 Project", an important project geared towards the development of higher education and aimed at the construction of 100 national leading universities and a batch of key disciplines for the 21st century.6E/}pg\_0{GUC5
In 2000, the management of CUG was transferred from Ministry of State Land and Resources to the Ministry of Education. Now, CUG is an institution of higher learning directly under the Ministry of Education.(B^3gh?Ea:T.Z4K4;