Beijing Normal University (BNU)

Beijing Normal University (BNU) has a history of more than 100 years, which is almost as long as the history of Chinese modern education. The University has developed from the Faculty of Education, Capital Metropolitan University established in 1902 under the concept of Establish school, prioritize teacher education,which initiated teacher training in Chinese higher education. After several times of merging and reforming since 1949, especially in the 1980s, Beijing Normal University has moved into the new age of rapid development. The University’s history is an epitome of the development of modern teacher training and Chinese higher education.}+P|.GY^]!m_i4@w
Beijing Normal University lays great emphasis on exchange and cooperation with educational institutions nationally, regionally and internationally, making every endeavor to pursue the global prestige.&Bnp6:&a2`f
Throughout its development in more than one hundred years, Beijing Normal University has always been developing along the route of self-improvement. It has never stopped the efforts in deepening the educational reform and has steadily raised the level and quality of education. In addition, BNU has attached great importance to academic development and shaped herself into a moderately-scoped, reasonably-structured, diversified and comprehensive university. BNU is committed to the development of research, increasing research funding rapidly and achieving a number of high level research outcomes. JPUGx;#jDIsDL
Mr. Jiang Zeming, former National President,has demonstrated the direction for the further development of Beijing Normal University in his speech delivered at the celebration of BNU Centennial Anniversary. We believe that BNU will become a comprehensive, research-oriented and internationally reputable university with the specialization in teacher training, educational science and psychology.UP3CtfZt:KvZq
Colleges, Schools, Departments and Institutes-]G7@?RYdO6],sMQ0
24 Colleges and Schools TrlHf::gv*b9Z(
2 Departments1IcRxU7fy81/Mm
20 Institutes2,VM$(hs=B.mdebkKWi
Faculties & StudentsV5oYw&kjNN9;H4}2Fk
Staff: 2198 lgW2w{8|[Lpr@\JyR)F!
Faculties: 1607PeL(674%nan
Members of Chinese Academy of Science & Chinese Academy of Engineering: 19wXz5!vAzO*x^)
Full-time students: 19543 E%$qS%Nj8c7ip_&9y[a
Undergraduate students: 8529 QbUou-SVl3
Graduate students: 8999 Gh&LsiQ,`{^D)3)e1z?
International students: long-term: 2015, short-term: 1351 ~;d4rP/=X.@O
Part-time students: 31649*C+uDqo|5`#+Y+}UP
Academic ProgramsaXg-]G7@?RYdO6],
95 doctoral degree programs MQ0LTrlHf::gv*b9Z(
157 master degree programs1IcRxU7fy81/Mm
55 bachelor degree programs 2,VM$(hs=B.mdebkKWi
18 post-doctoral programsTSuchT!W;-
Key SubjectslgW2w{8|[Lpr@\JyR)F!
13 National Key SubjectsPeL(674%nan
9 Key Subjects of Beijing Municipality wXz5!vAzO*x^)
4 National Key LaboratoriesQbUou-SVl3
State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning Gh&LsiQ,`{^D)3)e1z?
State Key Laboratory of Earth Surface Processes and Resource Ecology~;d4rP/=X.@O
State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science*C+uDqo|5`#+Y+}UP
State Key Laboratory of Water Environment SimulationCtfZt:KvZq\/jmEnx#tJ
7 Key Laboratories of Ministry of EducationMQ0LTrlHf::gv*b9Z(
Laboratory of Beam Technology and Material Modification1IcRxU7fy81/Mm
Laboratory of Cell Proliferation and Control2,VM$(hs=B.mdebkKWi
Laboratory of Environment Change and Natural DisastersTSuchT!W;-
Laboratory of Fuzzy Information Processing and Fuzzy ControllersV5oYw&kjNN9;H4}2Fk
Laboratory of Organism Diversity and Ecology EngineeringlgW2w{8|[Lpr@\JyR)F!
Laboratory of Water and Sediment SciencesPeL(674%nan
Laboratory of RadiopharmaceuticalswXz5!vAzO*x^)
10 “985 Project” Research BasesQbUou-SVl3
Basic SciencesGh&LsiQ,`{^D)3)e1z?
Bio-diversity and Conservation of Endangered Species~;d4rP/=X.@O
Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning*C+uDqo|5`#+Y+}UP
Cultural Heritage and Cultural DevelopmentCtfZt:KvZq\/jmEnx#tJ
Earth Surface Processes and Disaster ReductionaXg-]G7@?RYdO6],
Education System with Chinese CharacteristicsMQ0LTrlHf::gv*b9Z(
Educational Information and Technology1IcRxU7fy81/Mm
Non-powered Nuclear Technology2,VM$(hs=B.mdebkKWi
Policy Analysis on Social Safety Net and Social Protection SystemTSuchT!W;-
Value and EthosV5oYw&kjNN9;H4}2Fk
International Cooperative ProgramsPeL(674%nan
Cooperative agreements with 164 institutions from over 30 countrieswXz5!vAzO*x^)
Over 30 student exchange partners in Asia, Europe and North AmericaE%$qS%Nj8c7ip_&9y[a
Joint Establishment of Confucius Institutes with five universities and colleges:QbUou-SVl3
The University of Manchester, UKGh&LsiQ,`{^D)3)e1z?
San Francisco State University, USA~;d4rP/=X.@O
The University of Oklahoma, USA *C+uDqo|5`#+Y+}UP