Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics ( NUAA )

Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics ( NUAA ) was established in October 1952. It has 2 campuses now:Minggugong Campus (situated on the remains of the ancient Ming Palace) and Jiangjunlu Campus (situated in Jiangning Economic and Technological Development Zone),covering an area of 173 hectares with a building area of 856,000 square meters.The library has a collection of over 2,000,000 volumes.Now the total number of registered students is 23,600. Among them 15,800 are undergraduates, 6,800 postgraduates, 300 overseas students and 5,200 part-time students. NUAA has a staff of 3,000, among whom 1,600 are faculty members and researchers. There are 900 professors , 510 associate professors,11 CAS and CAE academicians,269 Ph.D.supervisors,3 members of academic Degree Committee under the State Council,3 "Cheungkong" professors, 13 professors with national or provincial recognition for their outstanding contribution.1h*0k9xwaCx{TsMr
NUAA has gone through 3 major periods since 1952,evoloving from a teaching-oriented university to a research-oriented university. Currently administrated by the Commission of National Defense Science, Technology and Industry, NUAA is a national key university that focuses on science and engineering. It enjoys a well-balanced development of multiple disciplines in modern engineering and technology, management sciences, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences with the characteristics of aeronautics, astronautics and civil aviation. NUAA has successfully entered the 211 Project and established the graduate school.EYe4CFVne@
NUAA consists of the following colleges:College of Aerospace Engineering, College of Energy & Power Engineering, College of Automation Engineering, College of Information Science & Technology, College of Mechanical and Mechanical Electrical Engineering, College of Material Science & Technology, College of Civil Aviation, College of Flight, College of Science, College of Economics & Management, College of Humanities & Social Sciences, College of Arts, Jincheng college, Department of Physical Education, College of Continuing Education and College of Advanced Vocational Education. Up to now NUAA has set up 50 research institutes and 58 laboratories including 1 National Key Laboratory,7 ministerial Key Laboratory, 1 National Teaching Base for Electrical Engineering and Electronics, providing first class facilities and conditions for teaching and researching.n0Olj$+:8Nob}6!
NUAA offers a wide range of programs including 37 undergraduate programs and 21 doctor programs. There are 3 national key disciplines: Aircraft Design, Mechanical Engineering & Automation, and Engineering Mechanics; 8 ministerial key disciplines: Fluid Mechanics,Tele-Communication & Information systems, Technology of Micro Air Vehicles, etc; 5 provincial key disciplines : Mechanical Engineering & Automation, Aerospace Propulsion Theory & Engineering, Navigation Guidance & Control, Power Electronics & Power Transmission, Computer Technology & Application. All the 3 national key disciplines plus Aerospace Manufacture Engineering are supervised by "Cheungkong" professors. Besides, NUAA has set up 4 postdoctoral programs, i.e. Aerospace Science & Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics, and Control Science & Engineering. ndPJd7^fJa(6TWXhvd]
For a long time NUAA had stuck to quality education and focused on the development of students' abilities, making great achievements in teaching . Since 1989, NUAA has won a total of 63 Teaching awards at provincial levels, 18 of which are of national distinction. Students from NUAA have done good jobs in the National competition of Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling for undergraduates. So far NUAA has produced more than 55,000 talents of different specialties. Many of them have become the backbone in different fields and made great contribution to the modernization of national defense and economic development.DbV[P77Qf1LtJz\l\MB
NUAA has attached great importance to scientific research and shown great advantages in the research of basic sciences, the application of high-tech and the development of national defense technology. During the 9th Five-Year-Project, NUAA has taken on 600 projects science and technology development including the "863 Project" and some national defense projects. Many have been successfully applied. For example, NUAA has developed “CK” series of unmanned aircraft, AD series of super-light airplanes, Yundi unmanned airplane and unmanned helicopter. These projects have not only filled in the gaps at home but also measured up to the advanced levels in the world. Since 1978, NUAA has received 917 provincial awards and 49 national awards for scientific research. It has remained one of the top 10 universities in China since 1991 in terms of the total number of achievements and awards in science and technology research and development.`wzRc!;5WNOLU^GSvDCe
Since the reform and opening-up,NUAA has sped up its management reform with more support from the central and local governments. It has cooperated with the Headquarters of the General Staff, the General Equipment Commission, various armed force and military industries, as well as CAAC and its subsidiaries. At the same time, NUAA has maintained close ties with more than 50 overseas universities and enterprises. Based on all these, NUAA has formed a new pattern of development with special focus on national defense. Within only 57 years NUAA has created a campus culture with unique characteristics. Motivated by the motto of "cooperation, economical, practical and creative", faculty and students have made great achievements.For 12 years in succession NUAA has won the title of “Civil Unit in Jiangsu Province”.gyUT{{t8[o/m?UqVQGmg